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Vibrational Services for your Whole Being


Personal Attunements

With Healing Sound, you align to the vibration of the Himalayan Singing Bowls, inducing the brain and body into a meditative state. This brings your physical and subtle energy system into its’ natural state of harmony.

In this state of expanded awareness, your frequency adjusts, aligning you with your own true vibration. In turn, connecting you with the pulse of all existence.

The primordial tones of the singing bowls and the unique sound of your own inner tones, guide you to your greatest wellness. Your system is supported in experiencing a greater sense of well-being, increased focus, vitality, relaxation, and joyfulness, thereby, relieving stress, trauma, pain and imbalance.

$135.00 per 60-75 minute session
$729.00 for 6 60-75 minute sessions (one payment)
$1377.00 for 12 60-75 minute sessions (one payment)


Collective Attunements

This program offers personal, individual, vibrational care in a space with others receiving the same. The benefits are exponential -- similar to the difference between meditating alone and meditating in a group, where the vibrational frequency is exponentially heightened.

In a unique therapeutic sound environment, the heightened vibrational frequencies of fellow participants encourage and support the heightening of your own vibration, while your individual heightened vibrational frequency does the same for them.

As you lie upon the treatment table, there are other individuals in the room, as well. Your personal needs are intuited and energetically assessed. With this clarity, we begin your session. Singing bowls are placed on and around your body, allowing you to directly experience the vibrational tones and notes of these bowls. While this is taking place, each of the others in the room are also receiving the benefit of your experience. They, too, go through the same assessment and procedure as you. And you benefit from each of their vibrational experiences, as well. The effect of this process is that each participant's vibrational frequency exponentially increases.

This program has proven to be very effective for families, couples, and groups of friends. Generational healing through multiple generations within the family offers relief from patterns carried through the lineage.

You can choose to participate in this program through automatic billing, once monthly ($90), twice monthly ($160), or weekly ($280).


Remote Attunements

Vibration is unfettered by distance or the boundaries within our physical world. This means that, wherever you are in the world, your subtle energy field can be tuned. Remote attunements are wonderful options for times you are unable to have live, in-person sessions, or if you live in a different state or country. All remote sessions, begin with an assessment. Your subtle energy system is supported to tuning into the already existing harmony within it while allowing it to grow.

Remote Sessions are available as Sound Sessions and/or Subtle Energy Sessions. Participation is by phone, Skype, FaceTime or by distance (which is a non-verbal session). Phone, Skype, and FaceTime sessions begin with an assessment. Next we move into tuning your system through Sound, Subtle Energy or both.

Remote Sound Sessions
Allow you to experience the live power of Sound from a distance. A good pair of noise cancelling earphones are recommended.

$70.00 per 30 minute sessions
$135.00 per 60-75 minute sessions

Remote Subtle Energy Sessions
These sessions are by phone, FaceTime or Skype, or a specified, arranged time for a non-verbal session. Following your assessment,  your subtle energy field is tuned, supporting the harmony already existing your energy while allowing it to grow. A short summary of the adjustments are provided for you at the end of the session.

$70.00 per 30 minute session
$135.00 per 60-75 minute session


Sound Recordings

Heal with Sound has a few sound recordings, and I am excited to grow the library, and offer various themes for you to choose from.  Using sound recordings is different from Live Sound. It is similar to listening to an album or CD,  versus going to a live concert. These recordings provide support for your vibrational system, while exploring on your own.


Space Tuning

Did you know that things you have on your property, in your home, on your land, and around you hold your individual energy and the energy of others?

When you leave a room or place, some of your subtle energy stays behind. This happens when there are unresolved thoughts and feelings, there is resistance, you are holding on to specific ideas, or even when you are having a great time and want it to continue. Guess what that means? It means that, where you are right now, holds the energy of everyone else who has been there–the positive and the negative. From the people who build the space, previous owners, your space is full of others' energies. Vibrations it is beneficial to integrate or let go of. This is also true of the land. 

To experience optimal well-being, it is essential to have a good flow of clear, vibrant energy within all of your surroundings–including home and workplace.

Each Space Tuning Session Includes:

  • On Location Assessment of the Space

  • Setting Clear Intentions for your space

  • Tuning and Integrating Through Sound and Subtle Energy Work

  • Creating or Enhancing a New Energetic Vibration

  • Recommendations to continue supporting your space

All spaces have their own unique energies. Those that experience space-clearing sessions, report feeling an immediate lightness of the space and within themselves. It is also common to feel relief, new inspiration, calmness, and a sense of freedom.

The Space Tuning Assessment will detail the number of sessions required to harmonize the space, each area to be included in each session,  approximate time for each session, preparations to ready your space for these sessions.

An added bonus of Space Tuning Sessions is that you personally receive attunement for your vibrational system, while your space is tuned.

To sustain health within your space and on the land, it is recommended that maintenance sessions are scheduled. Typically these are done once or twice per year.

If you are ready to begin your Space Tuning for Optimal Wellness, schedule a General Assessment now, to learn about the process for healing your space.

$220 for an assessment (a recommendations report is provided with adjustments for you to make to your space previous to space healing sessions)

Space Tuning prices are based on the information gathered from the full assessment.


Hike and Heal with Sound

Move your body in alignment with the natural mountain range -- found right in your own backyard. Strengthen, energize and step into your power, as you breathe and resonate with the beauty and power of the earth.

Hike with Heal with Sound to a special spot, new and different each time. The hike begins with a walking meditation practice. At our destination, gleaming with nature's beauty, you will go on a sacred journey for your own vibrational restoration and that of your backyard mountain.

You will enjoy a sound meditation, during which you attune with the pure tones of the singing bowls, as they symphonize with the natural mountain sounds. During this process, you experience release from stress, a calm centeredness, a deep connection with nature, balance and spiritual renewal. We complete with a meditative hike back to where we began our travels.

Then, having infused the land with a vibrational salve, return home with a new perspective, feeling whole and at peace.

Himalayan Singing Bowls are transported in backpacks on our excursion.

Individual Pricing: $54 per person
Pricing for Individualized Groups is available.

Join us for these sacred nature journeys.

Look for upcoming destinations.