how to use these recordings

Thank you for visiting the recordings page. There are 3 and 6 minute Sounds for you to listen to any time you want a quick vibrational adjustment .

An 18 minute recording is available for you to purchase and download for regular use. This will support you in greater vibrational alignment. There are no refunds on digital downloads.

As you begin your listening experience,  notice your breath. Become aware of your physical body. Inhaling and exhaling consciously, allow the Sound to fill you.

As the recording completes, once again notice your breath. Breathe in through your nose, exhale through your mouth. Return to regular breathing.

Listen to these recordings when you are able to be still. Never use while driving a car or operating heavy machinery. 

We hope you enjoy the vibrational adjustments and Sounds available to you.

New recordings will be posted regularly.


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18 Minute Sound Recording
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