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Kundalini Yoga

Saturdays 10:30 AM
Breath, Meditation
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Mondays  5:30 PM
Kundalini Yoga

Our Yoga Offerings

Foundations 4 Mastery

Are you a great teacher? Are you ready to be? Learn to excel as an instructor through mastering the foundations of the yogic lineage.  As a newly certified instructor or one who has been teaching for five years or less, you’ve learned posture and class structure. Now learn the foundational basics to mastery that allow you to guide and adjust all students at all levels in your class. Circulate teachings throughout the world with skill, confidence and awareness, which only come from a strong foundation. Thrive as a teacher and watch your students do the same. The benefits;

  • Mastery – which grows as you connect with your authentic presence as a teacher,

  • Navel Awareness – an approach to movement through navel awareness and the skill to project in the world,

  • Breath – specialized breathing techniques for various purposes,

  • Subtle Alignment – the power of tiny adjustments that change your entire alignment,

  • Mantra – sacred chanting create a new vibration, using sound to change the mind, body,

  • Playful Focus – an open approach to learning. 

This course focuses 9 hours with navel practices, 9 hours with breath, 9 hours with mantra, 9 hours with alignment, and 9 hours integrating all aspects you are learning in an ongoing manner.


Creating Inner Space

Unclutter Within

This 3 part series begins with “Unclutter Within”. 11 weeks of purifying and clearing your energy bodies. Through Kundalini Yoga practices, using kriya (sequencing of poses), breath work, and mantra, you will release and transform your energy. You will feel cleansed, clean, and open, ready to surge into the springtime.

This brings you to the gate where you connect deeply with your truest desires.

Aligning With Your Truest Desires

In part 2, you will strengthen your navel and heart centers, fully aligning with them from the clear space you’ve created. You will connect deeply with your most authentic desires and their subtle nuances, thereby clarifying them. This may bring realization that something you’ve thought you’ve wanted you no longer do, something you’ve never previously imagined is high on your list.

With this clarity, you now journey to the place of manifesting these desires.

Manifesting Your Desires

In part 3, you will learn to radiate the intention of your desires and bring them to fruition in the world. Here you will gain understanding of how your projection works, how you uniquely use it, and how to strengthen it.

You are now inside the doorway of the life you want to live and are living it.


Flirting with Death

Have a Death Wish? 

We all do.

Want to learn how to work with yours?

You will be guided into your own system. Here you will connect, understand, and heal with the aspect of yourself that has a wish to die. At times in your life, this impulse may be quite strong, and other times quite mild. This impulse is most often unconscious, outside of natural awareness. It manifests subtly and powerfully. We live with aspects of ourselves dying each day. Equally, we are born to new aspects of ourselves each day.

This series takes you on a journey through yourself allowing and encouraging you to develop navigational skills that support you in fully understanding how the death wish works within you.

  • We begin working with the base of our system,

  • Move to the essence and idea of the kidneys,

  • Grow into the nervous system,

  • Bring it into the space of heart,

  • Ground this with the earth energy and follow it to the navel, growing our power. 


The Wealth of Spirit

Through the practice of Kundalini Yoga, you will become deeply aligned with the wealth of your inner self. You will increase your awareness of the abundant nature within your Spirit. This series focuses on expanding your radiance, your projection, opportunity, and wealth in the world by first focusing on the abundant presence you already are.

From within, so without.

Join with us on this journey to yourself. Emerge with the wisdom, knowledge and awareness of true fortune.

Fall dates and location will be announced


Private Yoga Training

Private Yoga Training provides a focused experience with classes tailored to your specific needs.

Available for one to three people.


Drop In Classes

Saturdays 9 a.m. Kundalini Yoga,

Saturdays 10:30 Breath, Meditation & Mantra,

Mondays  5:30 p.m.


“I was stunned by the information you shared in class. It has changed my life. I now have power where I didn’t before.”

— Karen